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  • 5-axis machining centre HF
  • 5-axis machining centre HF
  • 5-axis machining centre HF
  • 5-axis machining centre HF

Productivity in 5 axes

The HF series

The new HF series from HELLER – that means dynamic and productive machining in five axes. It is based on the typical HELLER DNA – highest quality, perfect productivity and absolute reliability in everyday use throughout the machine’s entire life cycle – making it optimally equipped for the exacting requirements of modern production processes. Highly productive and flexible, easy to operate and maintain, for table loading or use with a pallet changer: the HF series is made for high output with minimal handling requirements. Made to work.


  • „„5-axis in the workpiece with integrated counter bearing: high stability for 5-sided machining with positioned rotary axes and dynamics with simultaneous 5-axis machining
  • Horizontal spindle, rapid tool changer and short chip-to-chip times
  • Pallet changer concept for productive high-volume machining
  • „„Table concept for direct loading and machining of a wide range of parts and materials in medium to small batch sizes
  • „„Direct and good access to the work area and the work spindle
  • „„Ergonomic setting: operating height at the workpiece setting station, short distance to the pallet, integrated flush/air guns
  • Double pivoting main operating unit, 24" multi-touch screen, HELLER Operation Interface
Fifth axis provided by the workpiece


The perfect combination for high-precision, high-speed processes

  • Dynamics: directly driven rotary axes, small mass moment of inertia from the swivelling rotary table, constantly high speed of the AB-axis thanks to the minimal mass moment of inertia, direct drives in the two rotary axes A and B
  • „„Machine bed: made from grey cast iron with three installation and two location points
  • „„„Operator platforms: stiff, optimised topology of the steel construction; weight-optimised for high traversing dynamics
  • „„Horizontal spindle: with lean spindle neck for perfect reach into the workpiece
  • „„One basis – two versions: identical machine structure of pallet changer and table loading version, automatic pallet changer for series production, proven lift-and-swivel principle



The perfect spindle for all applications

  • „All spindles rated for a 10 min duty cycle at S6 40%
  • Speeds of up to 18,000 1/min, torques of up to 354 Nm
  • Maintenance-free motor spindles, either with HSK-A63 or HSK-A100 (option)
  • Excellent lubrication with oil/air mixture
  • Thermally stable thanks to active cooling, growth compensation and temperature sensor
  • Easy and quick exchange of the motor spindle towards the rear
  • HELLER standard tool dimensions, thus existing tools from the H and F series can be used further
  • Optional attachment head support (MSK) or torque support
  • SC63 SpeedCutting spindle unit; SC100 SpeedCutting, PC100 PowerCutting and PC63 PowerCutting spindle units are optionally available
HF series - workpiece management

Pallet changer concept for series production

  • Ideal for series production with and without pallet automation
  • „„Up to 550kg (HF 3500) or 750kg (HF 5500) load capacity per pallet

Table concept for direct loading

  • Ideal for production tasks with small batch sizes and frequently changing machining tasks
  • Perfect access to the work area
  • Ergonomic workpiece handling at the front of the machine due to low loading edge
  • Operator panel can be swivelled from work area door to front door

Swivelling NC rotary table (A/B) with counter bearing

  • Direct driven and cooled A and B axis for excellent dynamics and highest precision
  • „„Excellent stiffness due to combined axial/radial bearings with integrated, absolute and direct measuring systems in A and B
  • Compact build allows high permissible tilting moments

Designed for high-speed processes

  • „„„HELLER chain-type magazines with high traversing dynamics for shortest tool provisioning times
  • Minimum provisioning times: intelligently adapted tool magazine form permits short traverse attachment towards provisioning place
  • Compact dimensions with high packing density
  • „High precision and repeatability: high-speed tool changer with two fast NC axes for dynamic stroke and swivel movement
  • „„Short chip-to-chip times and provisioning of the follow-on tool parallel to machining
  • Precise positioning of tools for tool change at all times with traverse attachment
  • Comprehensive option package
HF series - tool management


We would be pleased to send you additional information about the new HF series from HELLER. Please send your request via our contact form.

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