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The foundation of quality and precision for each HELLER solution is a simple principle: HELLER machines produce HELLER machines.

Our machining centres evolve within a worldwide production network that manufactures to the high HELLER quality standards. We develop and produce ourselves all components that ensure the reliability, accuracy and quality of a HELLER machine. When it comes to the daily availability of your HELLER machine, we put a strong emphasis on a high proportion of in-house manufacturing. Therefore, “Made by HELLER” stands for a quality seal you can rely on.

4-axis machining at its best

4-axis horizontal machining centres for highly productive machining in all disciplines

H series

Tailor-made off the peg for you: modular machine series offering unbeatable productivity at unique load capacity.

Setting standards in 5 axis

5-axis machining centres for powerful complete machining

F series

Setting standards in 5-axis: 5-sided and 5-axis simultaneous machining in HELLER quality

Future-proof production with Combined Processing

5-axis machining centres for milling and turning operations

C series

HELLER process competence at its best: machine series providing unique cutting performance for milling and turning operations

Machining of heavy-duty crankcases on a HELLER transfer system

Innovative manufacturing solutions for the production of light-duty to heavy-duty automotive components.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Automotive components and engines considerably vary in size: from small 0.9L 2-cylinder through to 16L V-8 engines. To provide tailored solutions for these components, HELLER consistently focuses on manufacturing systems in modular design. In addition to the “classic” machining centres from the H, F and C series and the RFK/RFN/DRZ machines for crankshaft and camshaft machining, we are offering the following manufacturing solutions:

  • 4-axis and 5-axis machining modules with direct loading from the MC series
  • Transfer system units from the TRS range
  • Head changer machines from the MPC range
  • Special-purpose machines for the machining of structural components from the Wenzler VKM range

External milling of crankshafts

Flexible production of crankshafts and camshafts

RFK / DRZ / RFN series

Machine series for perfect internal and external milling - as stand-alone machine or linked manufacturing system

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