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Service agreements

Service Agreements

Opt for continuous productivity

HELLER Total Productive Services (TPS) – service agreements ensuring continuous performance in your production. Benefit from fixed prices, and thus, predictable costs for inspection, maintenance and repair as well as guaranteed response times for service and parts deliveries.

In accordance with your own maintenance philosophy, you decide which of our three service packages is right for you:

Manufacturer inspection safeguards the performance of your machines

With the Performance Package, HELLER supports your own maintenance department with an annual manufacturer inspection.

Following professional inspection by the machine manufacturer, you will receive a reliable inspection report, giving you peace of mind. The regular manufacturer
inspection keeps you informed about the current condition of your machine.

The benefits to you include:

  • Extended telephone support: Mon – Fri 06:00 –22:00, Sat 08:00 –12:00
  • HELLER RDS (Remote Diagnostic Services) provides rapid fault rectification anywhere in the world. RDS ensures that detailed information is available immediately, helping to increase machine availability. Encrypted communication guarantees data security.
  • Condition Monitoring: this option extends your RDS access by a wide range of diagnostics functions when needed.
  • 2 hours response time
  • Spare parts delivery on the following workday*
  • Arrival of service staff on the following workday*
  • Annual inspection of main assemblies
  • Geometry check including measuring protocol
  • Condition report and repair recommendations
  • HELLER upgrade recommendations as part of the HELLER product maintenance programme

* Specific requirements are set out in the TPS Terms and Conditions.

Preventative maintenance by the manufacturer at predictable maintenance costs

No matter whether you operate your own maintenance department or not – the Maintenance Package guarantees you high machine availability at predictable costs.

Apart from the services included in the Performance Package, the Maintenance Package provides a whole range of additional useful services.

These include, for example:

  • One or two annual manufacturer inspections depending on the number of operating hours
  • Including the required wear parts packages “filters/media” and “wipers“ at a special price
  • Additional wear parts, if required, can be replaced at an extra price during the course of the manufacturer maintenance. Installation included.
  • Including one-off condition assessment of up to five further existing machines

The all-round carefree package to guarantee the highest availability of your machines

Our Full Service Package is the first choice for users expecting maximum availability – even if you do not operate your own maintenance department. At the same time, it delivers budget certainty beyond the warranty period.

This package offers everything you need to achieve these goals in addition to the services included in the Maintenance Package.

Advantages of the Full Service Package include:

  • Any unscheduled repairs including the required spare parts
  • Implementation of recommended preventative maintenance actions noted during the annual manufacturer inspection including the required spare parts
  • As a Full Service Package customer, you will have a dedicated TPS Coordinator to respond to any of your maintenance queries

TPS key benefits

  • Extended service hours
  • Short response and arrival times provide increased availability
  • Periodic assessment of the machine condition in conjunction with a manufacturer inspection
  • Prevention of unscheduled downtimes through preventative maintenance and servicing
  • Predictable maintenance and servicing costs
  • Increased safety of production processes
  • Participation in the HELLER product maintenance programme

TPS modules

Service modules for customised productivity increase

The tried and tested contents of the TPS packages are now also available individually as TPS modules. Proven services such as regular data backup have recently been added. The new HELLER Cockpit is another element of the TPS modules. Combine the services to suit your particular requirements. The fixed prices keep the costs predictable and transparent.



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