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Keep up with the best

Update your equipment without purchasing new machines – HELLER Retrofits help to keep your existing machines up to date. The continued use of the existing infrastructure and peripheral equipment makes retrofits a cost-effective alternative. Our specialists overhaul the existing equipment tailored to your needs and wishes to achieve improvements in productivity and precision. In addition to using HELLER original spare parts we ensure comprehensive quality assurance with a full warranty on the complete scope of services.

New possibilities for your existing HELLER machines

The solid mechanical construction of HELLER machines guarantees longterm precision far beyond the depreciation period. After a service life of many operating hours, a machine tool's production performance and precision no longer satisfy current requirements. Partly this is due to unavoidable wear and tear but also to the changing requirements of today's machining tasks. We can make your HELLER machine fighting fit for new tasks. With a solution that is more cost-effective than buying a new machine.

The original HELLER Retrofit factory overhaul restores your existing machines to state-of-the-art condition. Our knowledge and quality awareness as a designer and manufacturer provide the perfect foundation for this. A factory overhaul pays dividends for older machines from the following series:

  • BEA – the ruggedness of this machine series is legendary. The highly rigid construction provides maximum precision. Give high-precision machining a new chance with a HELLER Retrofit.
  • MCP – the system machines from the MCP series offer maximum productivity, making them ideal for performance-oriented machining. A HELLER Retrofit helps to ensure that it stays that way.
  • MC 16 / 25 / 26 – dramatically reducing per- piece costs without compromising on functionality was the development goal successfully achieved with the MC series. Continue to benefit from these advantages and shape up your MC for your production tasks.
  • MCH – whether equipped with horizontal spindle or 5-axis swivel head unit, the machining centres from the MCH series are true all-rounders in production, providing a universal solution for any machining task.

Not only will we restore the performance of your machine, we will also increase productivity by up to 20%. With a control upgrade and numerous retrofit options and software updates, the performance of your machine will enjoy an additional boost.

Retrofit facts

  • Overhaul on site or at a HELLER location
  • Extensive portfolio of rental machines to bridge the time until completion of the overhaul
  • Use of HELLER original spare parts
  • Overhaul by experienced retrofit specialists
  • Same acceptance procedures as for new machines and testing of all overhauled components help to guarantee precision
  • Complete machine backed by warranty

Retrofit advantages

  • Functional safety for your machines: mandatory in Europe
  • Risk assessment in accordance with EN ISO 14121-1 or EN ISO 12100
  • Use of the Siemens Safety Integrated feature
  • Adherence to safety standards EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061
  • Latest generation Sinumerik 840D sl control
  • Operation identical to that of a new machine (Sinumerik Operate)
  • Sinamics S120 modular drive technology for increased dynamics and precision
  • New technology cycles/automatic measuring cycles
  • Option: maintenance and diagnostics options parallel to machining due to new fluidics module
  • Standardisation based on HELLER requirements specification
  • Re-use of existing tool set
  • Re-use of existing clamping fixtures and pallets
  • Compatible with existing loading system (if any)
  • HELLER BLUE energy efficiency
  • Possible installation of options (e.g. measuring probe, tool breakage detection, etc.)
  • Scope can be adapted to customer budget

Video documentation: overhaul of a BEA2

Delivery of the machine

Disassembly of the machine


Assembly of the machine

Retrofit options

Factory overhaul. Tailor-made. From the ground up.

We offer a choice of two performance packages.

As always with our service solutions, we aim to offer you the optimal retrofit solution for your specific requirements. That is why we offer you two different packages for the overhaul of your used machine:

  • HELLER Quality for a cost-optimised, tailor-made machine overhaul
  • HELLER Premium to benefit from all available technical upgrades to increase productivity

Irrespective of the package you choose, your machine will be overhauled to the high standards you have come to expect from us. The acceptance criteria are the same as for a new machine.

HELLER Quality

Cost-optimised, tailor-made machine overhaul

All components undergo a testing process. Fault-free components are re-used, defective ones are professionally reconditioned and will only be replaced by new parts on an individual basis and after consulting you. This approach ensures that the costs of your retrofit are proportionate to the planned remaining useful life.

A control retrofit is already included as the basis of the machine retrofit. With HELLER Quality you are guaranteed highest quality standards and the same test and acceptance criteria applied for HELLER Premium.

HELLER Premium

A boost in productivity with state-of-the-art technologies

On request, we seize the opportunity of the HELLER Premium retrofit to install all available technology upgrades released since the original delivery of your machine. That means we will optimise your machine in a way that enables you to achieve a measurable increase in productivity compared to the original delivery condition, allowing you to reduce your per-piece costs. We leave nothing to chance. That is why all wear parts are replaced with new components and a control retrofit is included in the standard scope of the retrofit. This includes installation of a new state-of-the-art control cabinet and fluidics module.

The test and acceptance criteria are the same as for a new machine. Depending on the application, the HELLER Premium machine retrofit can help you achieve an increase in productivity of up to 20%.

HELLER Control Retrofit

Upgrade for up to 15% more productivity*

Retrofit of the control comprises complete rewiring, installation of a new control panel and optionally a new control cabinet housing (CE-compliant and EMC-compatible), new Sinumerik 840D sl CNC control, new Sinamics S120 drive modules, new operating panels (main operator panel and operator panel at the tool loading station) and new decentralised I/O modules. On request, new AC motors in all drive axes, a new main spindle motor and further additional retrofits can be offered.


  • Main operator panel with Siemens OP12 operating panel
  • MCP483 or MPP483 machine control panel
  • Comfortable operator panel at the tool loading station
  • Sinumerik Operate with HMI Pro
  • Optionally: EKS
  • Optionally: HT8/HT2 interface

Replacement of the control

HELLER uni-Pro 90 is replaced by Sinumerik 8400sl. Up to 15 % increase in productivity.

Overhaul and rewiring of the control cabinet

As part of the control retrofit, the existing control cabinet will be fully replaced (drive amplifier, CNC control) and rewired.

* Depending on machine type, year of construction and machining process


Upgrade now!

If you have any questions about our products or would like a quotation, please contact us:

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