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Retrofit Packages

Retrofit Packages

Develop yourself

HELLER Retrofits offer you wide-ranging, innovative options in terms of production, maintenance and sustainability. Through technological enhancement of your existing machines we help you increase reliability and flexibility, improving your ability to respond to changing market and manufacturing requirements.


Examples of our range of retrofit packages: 

HELLER Remote Diagnostic Services

HELLER Remote Diagnostic Services (RDS)

For detailed diagnostics

With HELLER RDS, you can receive servicing and process messages quickly and easily by email or SMS any time and everywhere. You then decide whether our specialist should log in to the machine after your consent. So you can count on rapid and expert assistance. Reliable instant assistance which directly improves the availability of your machine.


  • Worldwide fault analysis and rectification at any location, from any location
  • Incident notification – the machine sends a message depending on the situation
  • Quick fault diagnosis through immediate availability of detailed information
  • Increase machine availability through short response and diagnostic times
  • Data security thanks to encrypted communication

    Available HELLER RDS products:

    • RDS basic package: Increase the availability of your HELLER machine
    • RDS extension: Be sure to secure your RDS benefits
    • Our attractive price-performance model depends on the number of machines and runtime
      HELLER Condition Dependent Services (CDS)

      HELLER Condition Dependent Services (CDS)

      Ensuring early action

      With HELLER CDS, you lay the foundation for predictive maintenance. To determine the condition of individual machine components, status information is captured or generated using automated uploads and regular test series. In case of process-relevant limit violations, you will be notified proactively by a competent expert. This allows you to reduce unscheduled downtimes and ensure the availability of your machine.


      • HELLER reacts before the machine fails
      • Status displays of axes, spindles and other assemblies
      • Early detection of quality-related changes
      • Foreseeable maintenance according to requirements
      • Reducing unscheduled shutdowns and increasing machine availability

      Available HELLER CDS products:

      • CDS-basic package: Reduce unscheduled downtime to a minimum
      • CDS extension: Be sure to secure your RDS benefits
      • Our attractive price-performance model depends on the number of machines and runtime

        HELLER Services Interface

        Transparency in production and maintenance

        The HELLER Services Interface is a browser-based solution giving you secure access to your production and maintenance data from anywhere.

        The benefits to you:

        • Identification of optimisation potentials helps to increase productivity
        • Reduction of unscheduled downtimes through visualisation of downtime-relevant parameters
        • Key production and maintenance parameters available at your fingertips
        • Clear presentation of your HELLER machinery and its condition
        • Provision of process data to ensure manufacturing quality

          Our services at a glance:

          • Maintenance: Identification of preventive and predictive measures by displaying the condition of axes, spindles and other assemblies.
          • Production: Identification of optimisation potentials during production. Reduction of set-up times and tool costs.
          • Reporting: Evaluations and statistics with key figures.


          • HELLER Remote Diagnostic Services (RDS): In addition to fault analysis and rectification, RDS provides the contents for the production view.
          • HELLER Condition Dependent Services (CDS): In addition to the identification of quality-relevant changes, CDS provides the contents for the maintenance view.

          Secure transfer and storage of data:

          • Secure communication channels from your machine to the web server
          • HELLER RDS und CDS serve as proven data sources, e.g. no additional installation required on the machine
          • Browser-based solution is hardware-independent
          • Login via website
          • Customised role concepts
          HELLER Net Guard

          HELLER Net Guard

          Protection against unauthorised access

          HELLER NetGuard guards the machine control against unauthorised access or malware from the corporate network by means of independent decentralised protection within the operator’s network. HELLER NetGuard is a plug & play solution for the protection of HELLER machining centres.


          • Protection of the machine control against unauthorised access or malware from the corporate
          • Decentralised protection within the operator’s network
          • HELLER base parametrisation with consideration of machine and control functions
          • Stealth mode enables easy integration into the network

            The benefits to you:

            • Easy installation in the network
            • Base parametrisation performed by HELLER with consideration of machine and control functions
            • Open parameterisation: user has the ability to make modifications in his own responsibility
            • No reduction in response times due to high data rate

              Available for:

              •  All HELLER machines

              Scope of service:

              • With HELLER NetGuard, HELLER offers a solution that protects the investment item machine tool from inadmissible access and malicious software from the company network in the era of increasing malicious software and hacker attacks.
              • The HELLER NetGuard firewall is delivered in a basic configuration which ensures, that the HELLER machine will continue to operate reliably in the operator’s network whilst minimising the dangers and risks known at the time.
              • The basic configuration can be independently adjusted by the operator.
              • HELLER NetGuard guards the machine control against unauthorised access or malware attacks from the (corporate) network by means of independent, decentralised protection within the operator’s network. Appropriate safeguards must be provided to ensure protection of the machine’s hardware against unauthorised access.
              • Independently of the above, the operator remains responsible for network security.

                Well prepared for the future with USB technology


                Many older machine tools are equipped with a floppy disc drive. The floppy disc provides the only possibility to upload e.g. machining programs to the machine control or to download them. Procurement of 3.5 inch floppy discs becomes more and more difficult. Floppy discs are sensitive and have a short lifespan. The maintenance of floppy disc drives is expensive. Often, replacement units are no longer available.

                The USB floppy-disc emulator replaces the installed floppy-disc drive. A retrofit of your machine is not required. Instead of floppy discs a USB flash drive is used. The USB flash drive allows storage of up to 100 virtual floppy discs. USB flash drives are smaller, more compact, have a longer lifespan and are easier to handle.

                Switch to the latest technology with our USB floppy-disc emulator.

                The benefits to you:

                • Use of USB technology instead of errorprone floppy disc drives and floppy discs
                • Convenient to handle
                • Storage capacity for up to 100 virtual floppy disc on a single USB flash drive
                • Easy exchange of machining program data with the machine control using a USB flash drive

                  Available for:

                  All machines equipped with

                  • uni-Pro 90
                  • SIEMENS 840D
                  USB floppy disc emulator

                  SSD – Solid-State-Drives

                  SSD hard discs, an alternative for industrial applications

                  Hard discs are subject to wear. Therefore, it is recommended to replace them regularly every 5 years. By replacing the hard disc before a failure occurs, you can prevent unscheduled, lengthy machine standstills.

                  Make sure to plan the replacement of the hard discs in good time and seize the opportunity to upgrade to SSD technology.

                  SSDs have no moving parts and are insensitive to vibration – the no. 1 hard disc killer. Therefore a head crash (contact of the read/write head with the hard disc surface) is a thing of the past. Exchange your hard disc as a preventive measure. This way you can determine the time of replacement, prevent loss of data and minimise machine downtime.

                  The benefits to you:

                  Our SSDs offer the following advantages over traditional magnetic hard disc drives:

                  • Shorter access times to the hard disc (reading and writing cycles)
                  • Increased performance of your machine control, e.g. faster switching between operating screens
                  • Increased reliability and service life (because SSDs have no moving parts)
                  • Reduced energy consumption
                  • Less heat emissions

                  Available for:

                  • All machines equipped with MMC 103 / PCU50

                  HELLER Upgrades:

                  Benefit from the advantages of our upgrades a HELLER service engineer performs the data backup for you, copies your data to the new SSD hard disc and installs the SSD. The machine is operational again within the shortest possible time. 

                  SSD – Solid - State - Drives

                  Measuring Probe and Receiver

                  Optimising productivity, assuring quality

                  The tool changing device places the measuring probe into the machining spindle like a normal tool. The measuring task is programmed using the supplied parametrisable measuring cycles.

                  Quality assurance during the ongoing manufacturing process allows to detect process changes or errors while they occur. Due to early intervention consequential costs can be prevented.

                  Measuring probes using infra-red or radio technology provide optimal solutions for quality assurance.

                  Optimise the precision of your workpieces and increase the productivity of your manufacturing operations.

                  The benefits to you:

                  • Highest precision and measuring accuracy in all probing directions
                  • High traversing and probing speeds
                  • Convenient to handle

                  Improves process dependability:

                  • Recognition of impermissible preconditions (e.g. hole presence/ absence) during unmanned production
                  • Measuring of bores and surfaces with subsequent automatic compensation in the control (zero offset, tool compensations)
                  • In-process quality Control

                  Available for:

                  • Machines equipped with HSK 63, HSK 80, HSK 100, SK 40 and SK 50 spindle tapers

                  HELLER Retrofit Packages:

                  Benefit from the advantages of our retrofit packages. They comprise all components for the installation of the receiver and the utilisation of the measuring probe.

                  Package 1:

                  • Receiver / interface / cable connection to the control
                  • Including HELLER measuring cycles

                  Package 2:

                  • Measuring probe matching package 1 and the relevant spindle taper

                  We also offer retrofit packages for machines equipped with HELLER uni-Pro90 control.

                  • Replacement for „CNC standard“ measuring probe
                  • Latest measuring probe technology available
                  measuring probe and receiver
                  HELLER Tool Planning

                  For a comprehensive overview

                  HELLER Tool Planning helps you stay abreast. You know which tools are available for which workpieces at all times. This software, developed by HELLER, searches through the relevant NC-programs for the used tools and creates structured lists. You save tooling time, because you know at a glance which tools have to be unloaded or loaded. This cuts your tool loading times.

                  Equip your machines with the HELLER Tool Planning solution. Benefit from an optimised arrangement in the tool magazine.


                  • The software can be operated remotely from the machine.
                  • HELLER Tool Planning also supports the tool provisioning aspect of your production engineering process.


                  • ƒOverview of tools available in the machine
                  • ƒƒPurposeful setting - unloading/loading of tools
                  • ƒReduction of tool-related machine idle times
                  • ƒƒOptimal tool magazine utilisation
                  • ƒƒSupport of work preparation in terms of tool provisioning

                  On hand for:

                  All machines with PCU 50

                  Lighting LED working area

                  For increased visibility

                  HELLER is setting new standards with efficient work area lighting for your HELLER machine based on advanced LED technology. Glare-free light ensures optimal, homogeneous illumination of the work area, enabling you to work fatigue-free at the machine, especially during work piece loading.

                  Upgrade your existing machine lighting today in a simple and easy way to the new, low-maintenance and energy-saving LED work area light.


                  • The H, C and F series
                  • MCH series on demand


                  • LED lights provide twice the light output at 5 times higher life expectancy
                  • Maximum brightness – 100% brightness immediately after switch-on
                  • Energy cost savings of up to 33%
                  • Flicker-free lighting
                  • Precise light control without reflector
                  • Uniform illumination of the work area
                  • Low heat emission
                  • Resistant to impact and vibration
                  • Practically maintenance-free
                  • LEDs do not contain mercury
                  • LEDs are energy-efficient

                    Retrofit packages brochure

                    Below you find our retrofit packages brochure.

                    We are here for you!

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