HELLER solutions at KTM

4-axis machining centres H

When it's all about precision, the motorcycle manufacturer relies on HELLER

KTM is producing motorcycles at record levels with batch sizes of between 100 and 2000. To machine engine housings and cylinder heads, the company has been relying on HELLER machining centres for 30 years.


  • to guarantee precise reproducibility in series production
  • flexible, highly dynamic production according to demand and the season
  • high degree of vertical integration and part diversity
  • batch sizes of between 100 and 2000 units
  • three shift operation throughout the year

Project scope & solution

  • expansion of 19 completely identical HELLER MC 25 and MCi 25 machines by H-series 4-axis machining centres
  • H 4000 with  6-position pallet rotary magazine and 160 tool pockets, as well as a speed package


  • tools and clamping systems can be carried over one-to-one on every machine
  • machining centres designed for changing batch sizes and a variable range of parts and materials