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“The accuracy levels we require are a particular challenge. Diameter tolerances of 9μm, for instance, and tolerance classes of IT 6 or better along with high process dependability and a corresponding machine capability of Cmk 1.67 in production are among the requirements. We knew this would be difficult to achieve. At the same time, we are producing a wide variety of components (over 500 types) in small batches (up to 30 pieces). That is why the required tolerances are difficult to achieve whilst maintaining high process dependability. With the investment in the new machines we also aimed to reduce setup times and to efficiently increase machining times.” Rolf Gritl, Head of Industrial Engineering at Siemens

Convinces with absolute precision

HELLER solutions at Siemens Ruhstorf

This was a very special challenge: in order to meet the specified accuracy levels, first of all suitable machines with the appropriate processes had to be found. Initially, the company had planned to use various machine concepts and a simple pallet magazine for automation. But then the project at Siemens Ruhstorf developed into an integrated system, comprising 3 HELLER mill/turning centres model CP 2000 and a Multi-Level-System (MLS) by Fastems.

Task setting

  • Achieving absolute precision and highest levels of accuracy is paramount at Siemens Ruhstorf
  • Cost-effective production
  • Production of a wide variety of components (over 500 types) in small batches (up to 30 pieces)
  • Reduction of setup times
  • Efficiently increase of machining times
  • To be able to produce just-in-time for assembly

Project scope and solution

  • 3 HELLER CP 2000 mill/turning centres with the Fastems Multi-Level-System (MLS)
  • MLS-LD (Low Duty) with 700kg carrying capacity per pallet, able to accommodate a total of 72 machine pallets and including two high-precision setting stations


    • The system has been in operation since the end of 2014 and meanwhile has reached 95 percent availability
    • The 20,000 spindle running hours per year that have been counted so far, are proof of the reduction in setup times and increase in machining times achieved at Siemens.
    • Frank Strothmann, Rolf Gritl, Sebastian Spanfelner and Holger Langer (from left to right)
    • The integrated system: 3 HELLER CP 2000 mill/turning centres with the Fastems Multi-Level-System (MLS).:
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