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»When handling 30 pallets with up to 50 different clamping positions per clamping cube, you need to store all necessary tools in the tool magazine in order to avoid having to change tool sets all the time. We are currently using 409 different tools. Comparable or smaller machines simply do not provide these large tool storage capacities.« Peter Arnold, Head of Manufacturing

20% faster production using fewer machines and shifts

HELLER solutions at Komax AG

Task Setting

  • Faster and leaner production processes for 150 different products
  • Reduce the number of manned shifts
  • Machining centres offering increased performance whilst maintaining process dependability
  • Clear control specifications (Siemens or Heidenhain)
  • Re-utilisation of existing NC programmes for approx. 150 different products
  • Large tool magazine

Project scope and solution

  • Installation and commissioning of two HELLER H 2000 (4-axis machining centres)
  • Combined with a flexible manufacturing system by Fastems
  • Siemens control 840D solution line


  • Elimination of one manned shift and one machine
  • (using two machining centres instead of three machines used so far)
  • Up to 20% faster production due to faster controls, higher feed rates and speeds
  • Reduced batch sizes due to cycled production (Fastems), stock turnover period >5
  • Currently 409 tools in use
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