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  • Alfred Dieterle (left) and Christian Lang (right)

“The pallet changers enable loading of a wide range of different types, even during ongoing production. While producing on one side of the pallet, setting takes place on the other. With these machining centres we achieve more than 90 percent availability and can supply all our customers on time.” Christian Lang, Head of Mechanical Machining at Hansgrohe

High availability and flexibility

HELLER solutions at Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe SE is one of the leading manufacturers of fittings and showers worldwide. The company's products are characterised by quality, functionality and design. The production of the varied product designs requires a high degree of flexibility. Whilst in 1995, the company based in Schiltach produced 60 different varieties of fittings, the range now comprises 250 different ones. To machine this broad spectrum, the company uses 13 machining centres, among them 11 HELLER machines. The 6 machining centres from the H series are particularly well-suited for the tasks at hand.

Task setting

  • The challenge is to produce small volumes at very short notice, guaranteeing short response times and high flexibility
  • 250 types of fittings manufactured in batch sizes from 100 to 1,500 pieces
  • Design-oriented products pose new challenges in terms of machining complexity – contours change and components require contour cutting
  • With the wide range of different types, short setup times are another important factor
  • Process dependability is much more important than chip-to-chip-times

Project scope and solution

  • 11 HELLER machines. Six of them are H 2000 machining centres
  • 80 tool storage places in the standard version
  • Pallet changers for parallel loading during ongoing production


  • The compact 4-axis machining centres provide extreme stability of axes and high reliability
  • More than 90 percent availability
  • One of 6 model H 2000 machining centres.
  • Fittings during electroplating: batch sizes vary between 100 and 1,500 pieces but with a massive increase in part variety in recent years.
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