HELLER solutions at CastAlum

4-axis machining centres H

Turnkey solution with optimum price/performance ratio

Based in Welshpool, CastAlum is one of the largest aluminium die casting operations in Great Britain. In the search for a turnkey solution with optimum price/performance ratio, HELLER H-series 4-axis machining centres prevailed.


  • production facilities have to be able to machine all manner of steering gears and gear housings to achieve a total production volume of 700,000 cast parts/year in two operations, and this hinges on the production facility having the flexibility required
  • optimum price/performance ratio
  • local, highly reputable customer service

Project scope & solution

  • use of ten H 2000 4-axis machining centres
  • cranes located between the individual machine pairs facilitate fast fixture changeover
  • the cast parts mounted on the workpiece carriers are transported from the foundry on a long, U-shaped EWAB chain conveyor arranged along the machining centres


  • Machining centres can be installed in several expansions stages. This allows adjustments to accommodate increasing batch sizes and trouble-free changeover for producing any new workpieces
  • HELLER H-series 4-axis machining centres offer outstanding reliability, precision and repeatability
  • lean production environment with very low footprint
  • average machining centre availability of 95 percent achieved by minimizing changeover times
  • tolerances respected to within 10 micrometers
  • process capability of Cpk 1.67

More references

HELLER solutions at Komax: Customer testimonial

Peter Arnold

Head of Mechanical Manufacturing at Komax

"If you have to deal with 30 pallets containing, at times, up to 50 different clamping points per clamping cube, you need the right tools in the magazine to avoid having to constantly change the tool sets. Our tool count currently stands at 409. Comparable or smaller machines simply do not achieve capacities such as these."

HELLER solutions at Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen: Customer testimonial

Günter Muhr

Managing Director at Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen

"HELLER has exceeded our expectations. Everything went well, the machines run extremely reliably and our throughput times have also measurably reduced."

HELLER solutions at H.P. Kaysser: Customer testimonial

Thomas Kaysser

Managing Director at H.P. Kaysser

"Our experience with HELLER, including Service, has been nothing but positive. We speak the same language, so there was simply no reason to change supplier. The entire team has now identified with the HELLER machining centres – because they deliver what HELLER promises!"

HELLER solutions at Bitzer: Customer testimonial

Frank Brunner

Head of Manufacturing and Production Engineering at Bitzer

"For batch sizes of up to 3 components, the machining centres have to perform reliably as soon as they are switched on, even after scheduled shutdowns. But neither availability nor the required precision presented a major challenge to the H 6000."

HELLER solutions at Engel Austria: Customer testimonial

Gerhard Aigner

Head of Production at Engel Austria

"We consider quality to be fundamental. The tolerances for our core components are between two and three hundredths of a millimetre. That's why we made the conscious decision to go for HELLER machines, which are renowned for their stability."

HELLER solutions at Fette Compacting: Customer testimonial

Nicholas Warnken

Project Manager at Fette Compacting

"Key contributors to these massive savings are fewer setups thanks to the 5th axis and higher achievable cutting parameters. On the other hand, however, it was the overall package, including the automation system and new tool technologies, that was able to optimise the processes in this way".

Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen
H.P. Kaysser
Fette Compacting



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