HELLER solutions at Bitzer

General mechanical engineering
Fluid technology
4-axis machining centres H

Identical, high level standards

With 3,400 employees, the BITZER Group of Companies is the world's largest manufacturer of refrigerant compressors. Changing over to HELLER machining centres presented a major challenge for our Maintenance department.


  • high availability and quality standards without optional upgrades
  • manufacturing on demand
  • immediate, reliable service following scheduled shutdowns
  • fast and reliable service
  • previous machines replaced within a short time and without prolonged production downtime

Project scope & solution

  • two H 6000 4-axis machining centres
  • chain-type magazine for 150 tools and function enabling up to 35 kg of tool weight.


  • availability of over 95%
  • technology leap with machining speeds
  • no tool change failures due to position or weight
  • good accessibility for setting the workpieces

Customer testimonial

HELLER solutions at Bitzer: Customer testimonial

Frank Brunner

Head of Manufacturing and Production Engineering at Bitzer

"For batch sizes of up to 3 components, the machining centres have to perform reliably as soon as they are switched on, even after scheduled shutdowns. But neither availability nor the required precision presented a major challenge to the H 6000."