HELLER solutions at Engel Austria

General mechanical engineering
4-axis machining centres H

Capacity doubled & drastically reduced idle times, thanks to HELLER

State-of-the-art and highest performance manufacturing line at Engel Austria in Schwertberg: three HELLER H 8000 4-axis machining centres are primed to gradually double capacity and reduce idle times by up to 20 percent in an automated network. Even in the run-up phase, these targets are within reach.


  • to cut manufacturing costs of the core components for injection moulding machines by 17 to 20 percent through shorter machining times
  • to relocate 500 different components from stand-alone machines to an interlinked manufacturing line
  • to double capacities and optimise setting processes to reduce the level of outsourcing
  • to comply with the just-in-time delivery promise, even in case of fluctuating order levels
  • tolerances for core components are between two and three hundredths of a millimetre

Project scope & solution

  • three HELLER H 8000 4-axis machining centres in service: one machine for cast iron, one for steel and one for the cast iron/steel combination
  • two of these machining centres are equipped with the HELLER facing slide solution
  • Fastems automation system with 156 pallets


  • improved capacities and shorter idle times
  • increased system availability
  • high component quality guaranteed

Customer testimonial

Gerhard Aigner

Head of Production at Engel Austria

"We consider quality to be fundamental. The tolerances for our core components are between two and three hundredths of a millimetre. That's why we made the conscious decision to go for HELLER machines, which are renowned for their stability."