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CNC ProfiTrainer

The qualification concept

“In addition to classes and practical training on real machines, the use of the CNC ProfiTrainer presents a special building block of our customer-oriented didactics. As far as operation and programming are concerned, the system has been proven to help overcome inhibitions about the large machines. During mechanical and electrical maintenance courses the use of original components supports realistic handling of fault situations. Feedback from more than 6,000 students who used these units for personal qualification throughout the last decade confirms the success of the concept.”
- Rene Giese, Head of HELLER Academy

The challenge:


The Teaching and Learning Factory is the key to qualified personnel.

The objective:

  • Motivated, qualified and committed skilled personnel
  • Transparent, productive and efficient business processes
  • Realistic products and services

The HELLER solution:


Our focus is on skilled personnel and the production system. Using the ProfiTrainer, you can turn skilled personnel into genuine CNC experts.

Competences can be trained:

  • Entrepreneurially: experiencing, creating, accepting responsibility in a manageable working environment
  • Socially: team building, commitment and motivation
  • Technically: applying advanced production methods

The holistic concept

The underlying idea of the HELLER Learning Factory is to learn to construct and manufacture a machine tool by actually building and producing one. To achieve this, all competences, processes and correlations, from development, production and assembly through to delivery, are trained in reality. In this process, the ProfiTrainer is both the tool and the machine to be constructed. This small-size model of a large CNC-controlled HELLER machine tool provides the same functionalities, but offers additional advantages for the qualification of skilled personnel. It has been used at HELLER for more than 30 years now.

ProfiTrainer offers the following advantages

  • Genuine machining with a fully configured machine
  • Genuine industrial components in application
  • Realistic, faithful model
  • Machine tolerates operating errors
  • Safe, hazard-free operation
  • Flexible, mobile unit
  • Small format motivates users to try out things

Designing, producing and training: a medium that supports a sustainable qualification process.

Control and servo drives

The electronic system is not only the heart of a machine tool, but also its most complex unit. Programming and input of the correct parameters require know-how and practice. Acquiring both forms part of the basic training and also of further education and qualification measures.

The electronic system of a machine requires logic and sensitivity – good to have a system that provides realistic training.


The basic machine provides 200mm stroke in 3 axes and offers numerous possibilities for expansion in terms of workpiece carriers. The use of ball rail guideways and ball screw drives enables speeds of up to 15m/min.

Thinking and learning in five axes – our choice of workpiece carriers adds additional dimensions.

Machining unit

Every ProfiTrainer is equipped with a multifunctional spindle, driven by a compact servomotor (max. 9,000rpm/2.75Nm). Using identical spindle bearings, three different spindle inserts can be integrated as tool holding fixture.

A tool change requires practice, too – the multifunctional spindle offers a suitable insert for every application.


For further information please contact:

Werner Kirsten
Phone: +49 7022 77-5330
Fax: +49 7022 77-165330

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